Meet the people behind RVA Eats Local

We thank everyone who has been following our blog over the past few weeks, and to say thanks we decided to introduce ourselves. Without further ado, the folks behind RVA Eats Local:

My name is Curtis Clark, and it’s great to finally meet you! I am a VCU student studying creative advertising. More importantly, I have lived in RVA for 6 years, most of the time in the Fan, but more recently in Lakeside. My interests are many, including graphic design, social media, and the local art scene. More recently I have gained an interesting perspective on the Richmond restaurant industry as I helped a friend in the unfortunate task of closing her restaurant a few months back. I look forward to continue dishing out any and all information I can find on what RVA’s finest establishments are dishing out.”

Selma Zlatarevic is a senior at VCU studying public relations and business. You can find her every morning at Ellwood Thompson’s and every Sunday afternoon at Joe’s Inn. Selma is passionate about Richmond’s local businesses, baking, and puppies.

Kiara Green is a VCU student majoring in Public Relations while minoring in Spanish and general business. Her favorite spot in Richmond to grab a bite (and probably a beer) is MeKong. According to Kiara: “Richmond is known for so many things but what people don’t know is that Richmond has so many great places for you to try your taste buds. Every day I discover a new restaurant, food festival or market that I want to go and try out!”

Donna Lindsay is a 21 year old creative advertising major and African American studies minor in her second year at VCU. She’s interested in finding food lovers the best local foods and the best deals. Her favorite places to eat in RVA are the Village Cafe and Mama J’s.

“My name is Ashland Husar, and I am a senior creative advertising student with a minor in business at VCU. I am originally from Fairfax, VA. My favorite local restaurant is Baja Bean Co.”

Ali Zaman is studying creative advertising/art direction at the BrandCenter. “My favorite local restaurant would have to be Stuzzi’s pizza. Their food is like no other. They hand make their sauces and mozzarella cheese and you can really taste the difference. I like to try the smaller mom & pop restaurants around Richmond. I don’t bother looking at reviews before I go to places. If something about the restaurant or their menu catches my eye, I’ll go and see what they have. I’ll pretty much try and eat anywhere once.”

“My name is Chris Bower, and I live in Ricmond, VA. I love all the unique things this city has to offer, especially the food! However, I am a near broke student who can’t always afford to try all the local places. This is why I find ways to eat locally without going over my spending limit, and I’ll pass what I find onto you!”

“Hello I am Terrance Williams and I am a 23 year old Mass Communications tudent at VCU. I am currently employed at Comcast where I am a talk show host. I enjoy patting and chilling with friends.”


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