Richmond Restaurant Week: Stronghill Dining Co.

Myself and four of my friends decided we would go out for Restaurant Week together, and it was my job to pick the place. After staring at the 25+ dining menus, I decided Stronghill Dining Co. looked promising. Something about Alligator Gumbo kept and held my attention. We went early Saturday evening, and the place was pretty packed, so I wasn’t the only one who thought the menu looked legit.

Located across from River City Tattoos on Boulevard and Leigh, the two shops on facing corners make for one trendy, bright, and delicious block.

I had eyes for nothing on the appetizer list but the ‘Gator Gumbo made with chicken and Andouille sausage. It was a tasty, zesty starter.

The Grilled Sirloin (left) with pimento and onion straws was the favorite entree choice around the table. After tasting my neighbor’s, I can agree it was pretty good, but I was far happier with the scallops (right) and crispy collards served over marscapone grits.

Each of the desserts were ordered around the table: lemon tart (back left), chocolate raspberry mousse cake (back right), and the apple pie with sweet potato ice cream (front and center, and my choice). For some reason, people were more afraid to taste the sweet potato ice cream than the ‘gator. It was definitely the bet ice cream I’ve had in the past year. I would totally take a pint home. And of course the apple pie was perfect. Choosing Stranghill was unanimously favored as a good pick, so that was a point of pride for myself. If you missed out on their restaurant week menu, go in November for 30% off food and drinks to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Check out Stronghill Dining Co’s website for their normal menu.


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